MCB Private Wealth Management

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With over 30 years of experience in private banking services and wealth management, we seek to offer you solutions tailored to the challenges of the sector. Our aim is to address your specific needs and to build on our expertise to help you harness opportunities from all around the world.

By leveraging our strengths, we aspire to shape client-centric solutions and build strong lasting relationships, whilst concurrently establishing a privileged and trusting environment for you to evolve in. As your strategic partner, our team focuses on building, enhancing and protecting your wealth in the best possible way.

MCB Private Wealth Management

Francois Desvaux de Marigny

Head of Private Wealth Management

The Private Banking Team For Fiscal Resident

Djamil Remodkhan

Team Leader

The Private Banking Team For Non-Fiscal Resident

Guy Ah Hang


Patricia Dupre Team Leader

The Select Banking Team

Wendy Li


Prakash Gopal Team Leader
Patrice Latour Team Leader

We would be delighted to meet you and offer our advice so you can take your ambitions to new heights.