MCB Private Wealth Management

We believe that every heritage has untold possibilities.

Whether you are a resident of Mauritius or have settled half a world away, we can help you unlock the right growth levers, aligned to your values and aspirations.

At MCB Private Wealth Management, we have your aspirations at heart and aim to help you seize opportunities. At the center of all our efforts is our commitment to achieve long-term value for you.

To help our customers explore new avenues, our bankers are particularly keen on building a lasting relationship with every one of them, based on unwavering trust.

Providing personalised and distinctive offers is our promise to our customers. Our strength, a banker’s global overview of markets, is another benefit that empowers our customers to activate strategic growth drivers.


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Wealth Management and Investment

Agility being our forte, our portfolio managers are always seeking to reconcile your growth objectives with your values.

Through our wide spectrum of services, ranging from financial planning to portfolio management, we will articulate the right strategies and be your guide and your partner, through every step of your growth journey.

We favour an open architecture approach that gives you the option to access structured products like global custody services, execution capabilities, leading private equity groups and exclusive deals that can all be tailored to your investment strategy.

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Specialised Financing

MCB Private Banking & Wealth Management offers an extensive range of credit solutions for short-term or long-term liquidity, new acquisitions or investment opportunities. Your Banker, as your strategic partner, will diligently align these options with your needs and aspirations.

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Your everyday needs

Take the leap with MCB Private Banking & Wealth Management and benefit from an unwavering support wherever you are in the world. Our passion lies in the creation of meaningful and seamless experiences in your everyday life, through a comprehensive range of accounts, exclusive credit cards, online banking as well as concierge services.

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External Asset Managers & Financial Intermediaries

Our EAM & FI desk assists the Asset Manager in attending to its clients’ needs through our comprehensive set of services ranging from transactional banking to sophisticated investment solutions.

This synergy between the Asset Manager, its clients and the bank is the very essence of the services offered by the EAM & FI desk.

Based on our unconditional respect for the ties uniting Asset Managers to their clients, we have developed numerous professional international partnerships with Asset Managers mainly in Europe, Switzerland, Dubai, South Africa and Mauritius.

We would be delighted to meet you and offer our advice so you can take your ambitions to new heights.