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MCB wins the 'Best Private Bank in Mauritius 2022' award
07 Nov 2022
MCB wins the 'Best Private Bank in Mauritius 2022' award
Discover our Wealth Management solutions
09 Sep 2021
Experience an enhanced way to manage, grow and protect your wealth with our Wealth Management solutions
MCB scoops triple international awards
23 Jul 2021
MCB has won three prestigious awards from renowned institutions, namely "The International Banker" and "Euromoney" respectively.
Discover "M" by MCB
07 Jul 2021
François Desvaux de Marigny, Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management at MCB, tells us more about M, and how the sector is evolving in today’s unusual context.
Les perspectives de l’économie mauricienne
02 Jul 2021
L'économie mauricienne présente aujourd’hui de nombreux défis et opportunités. Dans ce webinaire, Gilbert Gnany – Chief Strategy Officer, MCB Group – nous livre sa lecture de la conjoncture économique en abordant ses enjeux et ses perspectives d’avenir.

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